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Personalized Macro Calculations

Coach Ted will do all your calorie and macro calculations for you - based on your unique stats, exercise, and lifestyle.

The Macro Solution

The fat loss system used by 14,000+ people to lose over 150,000 pounds.

What's included:

⭐ Coach Ted shows you exactly how to lose fat healthily and sustainably through 11 interactive video lessons.

⭐ You also get the Macro Solution book and helpful resources, including meal plans and recipes.

What you'll learn:

✔ How to get started losing fat and building more muscle quickly.

✔ The tricks to overcoming all the common challenges that may arise.

✔ How to track your nutrition with ease in order to fuel your unique body properly.

✔ Master the art of nutrition labels and measuring portion sizes accurately.

✔ Lose fat and build muscle while still enjoying all your favorite foods.

No more guilt, no more "bad" foods. You'll be set free by learning the power of balance and consistency. 

What People Are Saying:

I had tried everything. I thank Ted for leading me to better health choices . He actually takes his time to check in and answer all my questions.


I’m so happy with my results. I’m proud to report that I’ve lost 13 pounds total, reduced my body fat by 4.2%, and gained lean muscle.


I was 289 pounds, unhealthy and worried ... By changing my lifestyle like coach Ted helped me do, I've lost 80 pounds so far and feel fantastic.